Adjustments impacting Zone4 and CCC Skills Development Program Fees

Effective June 23, 2017

Dear Divisions, Cross Country Ski de fond Canada (CCC) prides itself on being able, with you and other partners, to deliver world-class programming from the grassroots level to high-performance athletes while continuing to offer a family-friendly, cost-effective way for Canadians to be active.

As part of the annual budgeting process, small adjustments were made to the fee structure for Zone4, CCC’s national membership registration system, and to the Skills Development Program fee.

What this means to our membership Clubs nationwide continue to benefit from the data- and fee-collection capabilities of Zone4, our national membership registration system. Zone 4 allows administrators – at the Club, Division, and national levels – to better understand, track, and monitor our membership so we can better plan for the future, and more effectively meet the needs of our members today.

When CCC and Zone4 launched the national system two years ago, CCC offered an introductory subsidy to incentivize clubs to use the online process. CCC subsidized the $1 per person portion of the processing fee that Zone4 had always charged members and clubs. Effective June 23, 2017, CCC will remove this $1 subsidy for each Club member’s Zone4 fee. In addition, those clubs who upload .csv membership files or manually enter registrant details from the admin side will be assessed a $1 per member processing fee to help cover the support costs associated with these methods. We strongly urge all Clubs to encourage members to register on Zone4 directly rather than have the club upload a membership file or enter the information manually from the admin side. This registration method is much easier for the Club, ensures accurate data entered by the members themselves, and allows the Club, Division and CCC to service members thoughout the year.

Finally, we are making a slight increase of $1 per participant to the cost of the Cross Country Ski de fond Canada Skills Development Program.

This slight adjustment ensures CCC is able to continue to deliver the same, high-quality experience for participants of this popular program while maintaining its accessibility and strong value. We kindly ask you to please share the details of the fee adjustments with your Clubs so they are prepared for the upcoming changes.

The sport of cross-country skiing continues to be a popular choice for Canadians, and we are committed to working with you to ensure the sport grows in popularity through the delivery of world-class programming and our continued promotion of the sport’s benefits and accessibility. We value the critical role our Divisions and Clubs play in developing the sport and its participants, and we look forward to working with you through the 2017-18 season and beyond.


Shane Pearsall, CEO

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