Cross Country Alberta Annual General Meeting Minutes

Date: May 13, 2000
Location: Edmonton
Start Time: 12:15pm

2000 AGM Attendance List

Name Club
Zanette Frost St Albert Nordic
Vaughn Cooper Vermilion Nordic
Michael Kennedy CCA Staff
Gary Gibson Camrose Ski Club
Michael Kozuska Camrose Ski Club
John Cushing Canadian Birkebeiner Society
Eliot Frosst CCA
Elaine Birkigt Athabasca Nordic
Roger Arcand CCA
Alasdair Fergusson Calgary Ski Club
Mike Carleton Rocky Mountain Racers
Dan Madlung Rocky Mountain Racers
Jenan Goldack Rocky Mountain Racers
Darrell Goldsack Rocky Mountain Racers
Mark Lund Edmonton Nordic
Julie Naylor CCA
Ross Wilson Foothills Nordic
Robert Hogg Foothills Nordic
Dale Swanson Foothills Nordic
Rainer Knopff Foothills Nordic
Vaughn McGrath Fort Saskatchewan Nordic
Glen Cowper CCA Staff
By Proxy Canmore Nordic
By Proxy Hardisty Nordic


Motion to accept agenda (Gary Gibson)

2nd Zanette Frost


Review of minutes of 1999 AGM

Moved: Vaughn Cooper

2nd Mike Carleton


Board Reports
(Contact CCA Office for copies of written reports)


Alasdair Fergusson

Suggestion: to research possibility of marketing (sell) concept being built into coaching courses.

Events Report (Eliot Frosst presented)

Gary Gibson - guest presentation

Re: World University Games (referenced criteria & other plans)

Marketing, Communications and Membership (Julie Naylor presented):

Treasurer (Roger Arcand presented)

Motion (Julie Naylor)

To raise CCA membership fees as follows:

2nd Eliot Frosst

Gary Gibson: amendment to motion

" Adult to $7.00"

Amendment 2nd Zanette Frost


Edmonton Nordic Ski Club - against

Vote for motion as amended

Amendment reflected in following

"To raise CCA membership fees as follows:

ENSC against

The rest in favour


Motion (Eliot Frosst):


Motion(Julie Naylor): Change name of the association

2nd Vaughn Cooper

Gary Gibson speaks against

Motion to table above motion (Rainer Knopff)

2nd Robert Hogg, Carried.

"suggestion include use "ski" in the name of the association where deemed to appropriate."

Motion (Mike Kozuska): To accept budget in principle and provide the CCA board to approve.

2nd Dale Swanson



Chairperson: Vaughn McGrath (re-elected)
Vice-Chairperson: Vacant (no nominations)
Leadership Director: Vacant (no nominations)
Youth Director: Vacant (no nominations)
Athlete Development Director: Kevin Baggott (no other nominations)
Events & Scheduling Director: Eliot Frosst
AST Director: Dominic Bradford (no other nominations)
Treasurer: Roger Arcand (re-elected)
Marketing/Membership Director: Vacant (no other nominations)
Human Resources Director: Vacant (no other nominations)
Past-President: Vacant

Next Meeting: September 23, 2000


Motion (Mark Lund):

To change Cross Country Alberta Principle #2 to read:

"The Board of CCA will strive to support and encourage clubs to have programs delivered at the club level, by the club members. Where specific needs and/or economic numbers and/or fiscal need exists, programs will be delivered at the Regional level, via Regional qualified individuals, and again at the Provincial level where needs, numbers and or fiscal reasons exist via provincial qualified individuals."

2nd Mike Kozuska

Motion for Adjournment

Meeting Adjourned: 5pm