Director of Human Resources Director

Cross Country Alberta

A. Position Summary
Together with the Chair, this position is responsible for hiring and terminating all CCA staff. This position is primarily responsible for developing Human Resources policies and procedures as well as assisting the Manager with day to day personnel issues. This person will also conduct annual performance appraisals on all staff of CCA with input from the Board, completes special projects as assigned by the Board and the Manager. Encouraging and reviewing human resource development among staff, board, volunteers, and clubs is also a key component of this position. This position has signing authority.
B. Key Responsibilities
Organizes an annual Board Development Workshop. 
Ensure that the association's Bylaws and Policy and Procedures are reviewed and updated annually or as is necessary.
Work with the Chairperson in reviewing both the Staff and Volunteer functions.
With the assistance of the Manager, develop, plan and organise appropriate professional development opportunities.
Work with the Marketing, Communications, and Membership Director in reviewing the volunteer recruitment strategies of the association.
Provide feedback and direction to all the Directors on how each area can be modified or adjusted to maximise human resources.
C. Recommended Qualifications
  • Degree and/or diploma in Business and/or Human Resources.
  • Experience with Policy and Procedural development and Human Resource systems.