BC Championships Trip February 12 - 16, 2003 

Objectives: To support an Alberta Team comprised of Juvenile and Junior girls & boys to attend a major Western Canadian regional event.  

Team Size: 

         Maximum supported group or team size will be 12  (6 female / 6 male)  

Trip Logistics:

The Team will be staying at the Travelodge in Vernon.  The hotel is in Vernon, not at Silver Star Resort.   

Vernon Travelodge
3000 28th Ave 
Vernon, BC                                                                                                                           


           Departure: From Calgary - Thursday Feb 12, 8AM from C.O.P.
          Return: From Vernon Sunday Feb 15, after races will call from road for ETA to Calgary
          Trip to include travel, accommodation, meals, entry fees, waxing and coaching support
          Cost - $300.00

Note: athletes will be required to have a CCC license as per CCBC requirements

 Selection Criteria:

         Athlete must be a member in good standing with CCA (member of CCA registered club)
         Selection will be based on AB Cup #1 and #2 races January 10/11 in Athabasca
         Ranking will be based on average race percentages of two races;  if only one race takes place the average will be based on one race see below for calculation of percentages
         Athletes must meet minimum 92.5% average of the top 2 Alberta athletes in the category

Note: AB Provincials Jan.31 Feb.2 in Edmonton will be backup selection should the ABCup #1 / #2 weekend be cancelled will use the two individual races (not sprint)

1.       Top 3 ranked Juvenile girls and top 3 Juvenile boys will be selected

2.       Top 3 ranked Junior girls and top 3 Junior boys who are not member of the 2003 Alberta Ski Team or selected to attend World Jr. Trails with the Alberta Ski Team, will be selected

3.       If any of the top 3 athletes decline, the skier of that gender with the next highest average percentage of the top 2 Alberta athletes in their category will be selected may not be from same category

4.       If the selected team is less than 6 in any gender, then the highest ranked Junior women or man (1st year) who are not member of the 2003 AB Ski Team or selected to attend World Jr. Trails with the AB Ski Team, will be selected need to meet same minimum percent criteria in category

5.       The CCA Technical Committee retains the right to select an athlete in case of force majure or other extenuating circumstances

 Percentage Calculation

Race Ranking of Racer A = (average time of top Racer / time of Racer A) x 100%

                 Racer A time 15:50
                Top Racer time 14:30
                 Racer A %  =  (14.5/15.8333) x 100% = 91.58%                                                          

 Average Percentage of top 2 for Skier A  

           Racer A time 15:50
Top Racer time 14:30 / 2nd Racer time 14:50 average time 14:40
Racer A Average-%  =  (14.6667/15.8333) x 100% = 92.63%