Date: October 4, 2004


To:  Club Skill Development Program (SDP) Programmers/Coordinators  

CC: Division Skill Development Program (SDP) Representatives 

From: Georgia Manhard, Chairperson, Coach and Athlete Development Committee


Re: Coach and Athlete Development Update for Fall 2004




Skill Development Programs (SDP)


1.             The Bunnyrabbit Program is the first stage/level in CCC's Skill Development Program for children and it is directed at youngsters five years of age and younger (U-6). Bunnyrabbits have their own kid-friendly booklet, their own skill sticker and a special program badge.


2.             The Jackrabbit Program is the second stage/level in CCC's Skill Development Program and is directed at children 6 to 9 years of age (U-10). The Jackrabbit booklet provides a comprehensive record of a young skier’s career.  Both the Technique and Program Award stickers go into the booklet. In addition there is a special Jackrabbit Program badge.


3.             The Track Attack program, which is directed at skiers 10 to 13 years of age (U-14), is the third stage/level of CCC’s Skill Development Program and is being developed in conjunction with the updating of the National Coaching Certification Program.  As both

          programs are still under development, coaches working with skiers in this age range           should continue to rely on existing materials.


4.             Each child that enrols in the Bunnyrabbit or Jackrabbit programs will receive a Brooks baseball cap as one of the benefits of registration.


5.             Each child that enrols in the Track Attack program will receive a unique mouse/note pad featuring members of the National Ski Team plus a 2004-05 National Ski Team Poster.


6.             The cost of the Jackrabbit booklet has been raised from $1.75 to $2.25 apiece as advertised last year.  The Bunnyrabbit Print Stickers have been reduced from $0.20 to $0.10. All other materials remain at the same price.


7.             The Programmer’s Guidebook is an administrative tool for program organizers.  It is not a coaching manual.  This document complements the new NCCP Community Coach resource materials, which will be available to coaches in all divisions this fall.  The guidebook will be available to download from the CCC website at no charge.



Recruitment to Competitive Skiing Initiatives (RCSI)


CCC will again offer special initiatives to attract children and youth to the competitive aspects of cross country skiing.

8.              Ski Tournament.  The main objective of this program is to bring together elementary school age youngsters from the Jackrabbit Ski League and other cross-country ski programs for a memorable and enjoyable weekend of cross-country ski competition and fun.  Other objectives of this program include: (1) encouraging achievement through team effort, and (2) encouraging good ski technique.  Many clubs will be selected as hosts and provided with yellow, kid-friendly cross-country ski T-shirts for each participant.


9.              PARTNERS TWO 2010.  The main objective of this program is to (1) introduce children to FUNdamental competitive skiing experiences; (2) support our star Canadian athletes; and (3) provide a glimpse of what is involved at the international level of competition. A limited number of clubs will be selected as hosts and provided with “cross-country ski” pencil cases (with five pencils and a ruler) for each participant. 


10.              Divisions with a bona fide “provincial” Midget Championships for elementary school age children will be provided with NST posters and ski clasps for each participant.  If your division has a Midget Championships on their competition calendar, encourage your club to send a team.  If your division does not offer this event, perhaps your club would consider hosting it!  Visit the CCC website for more information. 


11.          The 2004-05 Technical Guidelines for the first two initiatives will be posted on the CCC web site later in the fall.



National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)


The new NCCP Community Coach program will be available in all divisions this fall.


This program incorporates the former NCCP Level 1 Technical and Theory courses, Level 1 Practical and the Jackrabbit Leader Course into two progressive steps.  From this point on all coaches will begin their training with the first stage/step of the Community Coach program.

The two steps/stages in the Community Coach program are:


Introduction to Community Coach (10 hours).  The workshop is designed to teach parents and other beginning coaches how to deliver a series of age appropriate skill development sessions under the guidance/supervision of more experience coaches.  The orientation is to skiers of all age groups with an emphasis on working with children under six years of age. Coaches will be taught basic coaching skills, how to teach the fundamentals of technique, growth and development considerations, how to create a motivating learning environment and how to set up a ski playground.


Community Coach (16 hours).  This workshop is essential for coaches delivering an effective skill development program to children. It is designed to train coaches to teach children intermediate technical skills in an enjoyable way so that it is fun to learn, to select games that reinforce the technical skills being taught, to design and lead on-snow sessions, and how to select and prepare equipment for young children.