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Introduction to Community Coach

This workshop is the first of two in the new Community Coach program focusing on training and certification of coaches who work with children nine years of age an younger, but also applicable for coaches working with older skiers who are just beginning the sport. This workshop provides a basic introduction to Community Coaching and covers the technique essentials for novice skiers, with and emphasis on the Bunnyrabbit age group. This is considered the minimum standard of training necessary for Jackrabbit coaches.

ICC Course Listings - Introduction to Community Coaching

October 18, 2008 - Located John Maland High School in Devon. 

                                  Contact Niki Reynolds 780 987-0373 / [email protected]

October 18, 2008 - Calgary Part 1- contact George Smith [email protected]

December 6, 2008 - Calgary Part 2 - contact George Smith [email protected]

November 21/22, 2008 - Goldstick Park, Edmonton

                                             contact CCA office 780 415-1738 / [email protected]

November 21/22, 2008 - Canada Olympic Park, Calgary - course full

                                             contact Roy Strum / [email protected]

Additional Course:  3 Tuesday nights in December - Canada Olympic Park, Calgary

                                    contact Roy Strum / [email protected]

                          December 2 - 6-10 PM  /  December 9 - 6-9 PM / December 16 - 6-9 PM

Community Coach And Beyond

For more information on becoming a community coach, download the Community Coach Certification Process sheet. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

CC Course Listings - Community Coaching

November 27 (6-9pm)/November 29 (9-4:30pm)/December 3 & 10 (6-9pm)

                          Location: Canada Olympic Park, Calgary

                          contact CCA office 780 415-1738 / [email protected]


CCI Course Listing - Competative Coaching Introduction Part 1 - Dry land

Novmeber 15-16, 2008 -

                                Location - Red Deer

                                contact CCA office 780 415-1738 / [email protected]

Coaching Skiers with a Disability 

The CAC has recently created a useful resource providing grassroots coaches who have never worked with athletes with a disability with basic information, guidelines and tips that will assist in creating conditions for effective participation and inclusion - Download the Manual Here

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Step 1: Complete the NCCP Introduction to Community Coaching (ICC) Workshop and prescribed tasks.  For the coaches of both able bodied and disabled skiers, this course is a prerequisite to the next step in the NCCP coach education progression.  

Ideally, coaches will participate in the ICC Workshop during the fall, complete their practical tasks during the ski season, and take the next course, the Community Coach Workshop, either later in the winter or at the beginning of the following ski season.  

Refer to the Cross Country BC website for an explanation of what the minimum requirements are for coaching either able bodied or disabled skiers: 

Step 2: Complete a NCCP Community Coaching (CC) Workshop with a Disabled Skiing component, plus the required Community Coaching tasks.  This course will include a practical session working with athletes in a camp situation. Note that the Disabled Skiing component adds approximately four hours to the regular program.  Participants should be prepared for approximately 20 hours of course time. 

These two steps will provide a coach with basic training.  More advanced training opportunities will become available as the next levels/stages of the new, competency-based NCCP are developed.




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