Director of Alberta Ski Team

Cross Country Alberta

A. Position Summary
This position is responsible for this area’s program design, development and facilitation. This position is responsible to draft and ensure objective criteria for selection of the AST based on program objectives, fairness and in accordance with the association budget. This Director is responsible for a planning schedule and timeline for the Alberta Ski Team, setting seasonal objectives and goals for the management of the AST. Responsibilities also include working with and advising CCA’s Technical staff person in planning the AST program, including team contracts, testing, camps, and team supported competitions; developing a draft of policies and procedures for the AST program; to chair a committee including the Director of Leadership Development and the Director of Athlete Development that will make AST selections and ACE assignments. This position should maintain open communication with AST athletes, athletes parents and their coaches; and complete an annual report with recommendations. This position must work along side and communicate with the Director of Athlete Development, the Director of Youth Programs, the Director of Leadership Development, and the Director of Events and Scheduling.
B. Key Responsibilities
Program area design, development and facilitation
Liasing with various levels of club representations w/respect to program area
Development of action plans, standards, and criteria where applicable
Other special projects as directed by the Board/Chairperson