Director of Chairperson

Cross Country Alberta

A. Position Summary

This position represents Cross Country Alberta (CCA) at various meetings and functions and liaisons with the media and government agencies. This position is responsible for maintaining the Constitution and Bylaws, overseeing the office administration and functions; chairing the Board and AGM meetings; assisting the Manager with organising all meetings; and ensuring that all Board Members are fulfilling their duties.

BC. Key Responsibilities

Facilitate all Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

Ensure that the association's Bylaws and Policy and Procedures are adhered to in all operations.

Works with the Human Resources Director in reviewing both the Staff and Volunteer functions.

Work with the Human Resources Director in reviewing the association's Policy and Procedure's Manual.

Work with the Marketing, Communications, and Membership Director in the review of membership feedback mechanisms and the communication systems & strategies.

Provide feedback and direction to all the Directors in the fulfilment of their duties.

C. Recommended Qualifications

  • Extensive experience within the sport of cross country skiing.
  • Ideally, have already served as a CCA Director in a Technical portfolio.
  • Experience with Marketing, Communications, and/or Business environment an asset.