Cross Country Alberta Membership Information

By becoming a member of Cross Country Alberta your club will be an integral part of the leading organization for the sport of cross country skiing in Alberta. Each club, through its own program development contributes significantly to the ongoing development of cross country skiing in Alberta.

Whether you are a new club or one of the many returning clubs, the staff and board of Cross Country Alberta welcomes your club into our organization. We look forward to working together with you to improve skiing experiences throughout the province.

Upload Functionality For Large Clubs:  If your club averages over 250 members you may wish to upload your member information directly to the CCA database.  The key to uploading is the CCA membership number which is unique for each member.  The database spreadsheet attached indicates the information needed for this upload.  Please contact the CCA office if you wish to use this option.



2004-2005 Membership Fees

Club Registration Fee: $55.00
Adult Fee (ages 20+): $10.00
Teen Fee (ages 13-19): $5.00
Child Fee (ages 12 & under): $3.00
Jackrabbit Program Fee: $5.00











Cross Country Alberta Clubs register their members directly into the association database through an Internet database system. The key advantages of this system are:

Direct access and club control of membership registration with the association. This reduces error in membership information and it significantly speeds up the time it takes to get members registered, and therefore insured, with the association.

Dynamic Club Directory: Clubs directly control the information being posted on the association Club Directory. This directory is linked to the club database which means that key club information (key contact information, program information, facility information, and club events), as entered by club volunteers, is automatically posted onto the CCA Club Directory for the general public to browse.

The registration procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Enter Club Database Access Area from CCA website under Membership.
  2. Each club is provided with a unique "username" and "password" with which they will be able to access their club's portion of the database.
  3. The first screen you will see the first time you log into the database is a reference to the CCC insurance manual.  This release is replacing the form sent out by CCC requesting club info and a Club President signature.  Club Presidents, it would be appreciated if you logged in first and filled in the requested information, but if not, please be aware of the Insurance Manual and who is signing in on your club’s behalf.
  4. The club will need to designate/recruit a volunteer(s) to use the following procedure in maintaining the clubs registration with Cross Country Alberta:

STEP 1 - Inactive Members for renewal: Update old memberships quickly.  This list will include anyone who has previously been active in your club and has been entered into the database.  Click the “Quicklist" menu option on the left of the screen.

Quicklist  - New this year!

From this screen you may update information and activate up to 15 members at a time.  Changes may be made to the following categories:

The activation options on the right allow you to:

After you have updated all the information on a given page, click the “Update These Records” bar at the bottom.  The updates will take a moment, and then return to the same screen.  Click “Go to next group” at the top of the page for the next 15 members.

Note: All Jackrabbit Registrations are done within the membership database; i.e. they can be registered at this step and subsequent steps as is appropriate. Jackrabbits can also be registered later in the season after they have already been registered as members. Fee calculations for registrations and for memberships are separate and the invoices generated will reflect both.

STEP 2 - Edit Member Records: This step is used to go into each individual's record and correct missing or incorrect information as well as to update their membership status for the current season.

A new addition to the specific member information page is Coaching and Officiating Certification.  CCA has a mandate to update and verify all coaches and officials in the province against national database information.  Please indicate the highest level that you have achieved in the NCCP, CANSI or Officiating courses over the years.  This information will be collected at a club level for this season and next, and then maintained at a Divisional Level thereafter.

STEP 3 - Create New Members: Use this section for adding members that have never been members of the club before. It is very important that this step not be done until steps 1 & 2 have been completed; otherwise there is a chance that duplicate memberships may be created. 

·         Family Feature: When you are entering multiple members from the same family the system now provides you with the option of proceeding to enter another member of the same family which, if chosen, will provide you the next file almost completed with the same address and phone numbers of the previous record; you simply need to change what needs to be changed for the new family members and then "update their record."

STEP 4 - Preview Invoice: this step is to review and double check that all members that the club is wishing to register at that time are indeed included to be registered. All the members shown on this list, with related membership fee (and Jackrabbit Fee where applicable) will be automatically registered, and insured, once the invoice is generated (next step).

STEP 5 - Generate Invoice: Once this is done all members noted on invoice will become immediately registered, and insured, with the association. However, it is the Club's responsibility to print off this invoice and send in payment within 30 days or those memberships will become invalid. Late payments: late payment of invoices will be charged a 10% penalty for every month the payment is late.

STEP 6 - Edit Club Information: This step is essential to complete the critical information requested that the club must fill out in order for the "Club" to be fully insured. Important details on this page include:

This process is initiated in October or early November but the club volunteer can change/update any of their club records at any time during the season.

 Download Functionality: All the club information in the database can be downloaded onto a member’s computer for external use unique to the clubs needs. Currently two formats will be available; WKS format which can be easily imported into Excel. To download this information all you need to do is give the system your e-mail address and ask for the information to be sent to you. You will receive your data as an e-mail attachment, and then you should open that attachment "FROM WITHIN" Microsoft Excel. From there you can use the data in any way you wish.

 Upload Functionality For Large Clubs:  If your club averages over 250 members you may wish to upload your member information directly to the CCA database.  The key to uploading is the CCA membership number which is unique for each member.  The spreadsheet attached indicates the information needed for this upload.  Please contact the CCA office if you wish to use this option.  Database Spreadsheet.