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Alberta Ski Team Program Outline

The Alberta Ski Team (AST) program for 2004-05 will be comprised of Junior and U23 senior athletes. Updates to last year’s selection criteria have been made to take into account the inclusion of U23 athletes and also to provide for sprinting opportunities within the program.

Athletes will be nominated to the AST in early May 2004 and will be required to accept their nomination by completing the athlete contract, media and medical form as well as payment in full of the team fee by May 31, 2004.

1. AB Ski Team Eligibility

To be eligible to be a member of the AB Ski Team athletes must:

  1. Member in good standing of a registered Cross Country Alberta club
  2. Meet the AST eligibility by Alberta residency (6 months prior to Team selection date and holder of an Alberta Health Care Card).

1.2 Definition of Alberta Ski Team:

  1. Junior AST Team - athletes who are of age to ski in Junior categories for the upcoming race season (not graduating Juniors) are Junior AST eligible
  3. Senior AST Team – athletes who are eligible to ski at the Under 23 World Championships (born 1981 or later for the 2003-04 season) are Senior AST Eligible

1.3 AST Selection Criteria

A) Junior AST Team

  • Athletes (Jr. AST eligible) will be selected to the AB Ski Team using the following criteria:
  1. Members of the National Ski Team (Jr. NST) program are pre-selected to the AST – camps and events.
  2. The top Alberta athletes in each of Junior Women, Junior Girl, Junior Boy, and Junior Men categories will be nominated to the AST (4 athletes). Selection will be based on the final Canada Points List (CPL) from the current season (i.e. 2003-04 CPL used for the 2004-05 AST). Jr. NST athletes will be removed from this selection process.
  3. Two additional athletes will be selected to the AST based on the highest corrected percentages relative to the "top skier" (defined term) in their class. All skiers in JM, JB, JW, and JG will be compared against each other. Percentages calculated as described in "Calculating percentages"
  4. All Junior AST nominees must have achieved a minimum of 90% (corrected percentage) of the "top skier" (see definitions) in the country in their respective age class. (refer to: "Calculating percentages")
  5. In the event a skier declines his/her nomination, further selection may be made at the discretion of the AST committee and the General Manager in consultation with the AST Coach or Technical Staff person. Cross Country Alberta reserves the right to not name additional athletes.

B) Senior AST Team

Up to four (4) athletes will be selected to the AB Ski Team using the following criteria:

  1. Top four ranked athletes who make the following International Points (IPL) standard will be selected to the AB Ski Team – female / male;
  • Graduating juniors 84 / 86 IPL
  • Senior – Yr. 1 85 / 87 IPL
  • Senior – Yr. 2 86 / 88 IPL
  • Ranking will be based on relative IPL with male and female compared together – there is no minimum no. of each gender.

    e.g. relative IPL = (athletes IPL) / (IPL standard)

    2. Members of the National Ski Team Programs (U23 Team / NTDC) are pre-selected to the AB Ski Team for Team event trips.

    C) Additional / Discretionary Selections

    The following selections to the AST may be made by the Technical Committee, depending upon budgetary limitations and number of AST Jr. and Sr. selections.

    1. The top two sprinters (Junior or Senior-U23) may be nominated to the AST if not selected under previous criteria. Selection will be based on the Sprint CPL and ranked using corrected percentage relative to the "top skier" (defined term) in U23 in the respective genders. All skiers in Junior and Senior–U23 categories will be compared against each other. Percentages calculated as described in "Calculating percentages".

    2. Cross Country Alberta may in extraordinary circumstances make discretionary selections to the AST. Discretionary selections will be based on performance at Nationals as well as CPL ranking, performance in international events such as World Junior Championships, Junior B Tour and U23 Criterium. Cross Country Alberta reserves the right to not name discretionary choices.

    All nominations to the AST (Junior and Senior Teams) will be approved by the Technical Committee and the General Manager with recommendation made by the AST Committee and AST Coach or Technical Staff person.

    Athletes who are selected and who accept their nomination will become members of the AB Ski Team. Acceptance of nomination will be considered complete when all documents and team fee are received in the Cross-Country AB (11759 Groat Road, Edmonton, Alberta T5M 3K6). Nominations to the AB Ski Team will expire if athletes do not complete their acceptance of the nomination by the assigned deadline.

    AST athletes will be required to comply with the athlete contract requirements. Exceptions may be granted for Medical, Compassionate and Educational Leave and must be approved by the CCA General Manager. Athletes who are invited or qualify to participate in events sponsored by Cross Country Canada will be granted leave from any AST events. Athletes are requested to notify CCA by May 31, 2004 and will be required to complete the AST Leave Request Form.

    Calculating Percentages - Annual AST selections

    1. Obtain the final Canada Points List (CPL) from CCC website.
    2. Each category is separated into separate spreadsheets from the master CPL. For instance, all Junior Women are placed on one worksheet.
    3. The top three skiers percentages in the category using international points are averaged together to determine a "correction factor". A correction factor is a number that will enable the results to be fairer for all skiers. This takes some of the potentially extreme variability out of the results. This determines the "top skier" in each category.
    4. Each skier's international points are then compared to correction factor to determine their percentage relative to the "top skier". This is the final percent that is used to compare skiers across all categories. Percentages will be calculated to two decimals.

    Percentages are determined using the following formula:

    1 + ((International Pts - Correction Factor)/ (Correction Factor))

    ie. 1+((81.5%- 82.5%) / (82.5%)) = 98.8%

    Note: Only need the top three (3) skiers from a category within the country and all Alberta skiers in the worksheet to perform the required calculations. There is no need to calculate the results on Non Alberta skiers.



    2004-2005 Alberta Ski Team Schedule

     A change for this year is that AST activities will be open to all Alberta Skiers based on space availability and on a priority list that will be determined at the time of AST selections. The priority list will be based on AST selection criteria. Included in the activities listing below is the expected fee associated with each activity. CCA will price AST activities at actual cost for Alberta Athletes, so these fees may change.  AST members in good standing will receive subsidy for the listed activities.  The amount of the subsidies will be determined in the next few weeks, with the approval of the CCA 2004-05 budget.

    Camp 1:   June 11-13, 2004      Provincial Spring Camp
    Canmore | Mandatory

    Provincial camp for coaches and athletes in conjunction with National Ski Team and BWTC.

    Fee: $35*

     Camp 2:   July, 2004      Technique Camp   
     Haig Glacier  |  Optional  

    Exact camp dates pending, TBA by May 1, 2004, following CCC scheduling confirmation. Glacier Camp will be focusing on technique and volume training.  Hiking, skiing, strength and video analysis will part of the daily camp schedule.

    Fee $600*

     Camp 3:   August, 2004 Technique Camp              
     Haig Glacier | Optional

    Exact camp dates pending, TBA by May 1, 2004, following CCC scheduling confirmation.

    Fee: $600*

     Camp 4: October 1-3, 2004  
    AST Fall Training Camp  TBA | Optional

    The weekend will include technical, educational and training components and opportunity for AST athlete feedback.  CCA will provide their Sport Manager and coaches to assist.

    Fee: $225*

     Community Service Opportunities:                                           
     Choice of one is Mandatory

     September 23-26, 2004  
      ADT Fall Training and Testing Camp   Location TBA

     Nov12-14, 2004  
       Early Snow Camp   Lake Louise  

     Alternatives to these two opportunities for community service will be considered if documented and approved by the CCA Sport Manager in advance. Alternatives must include a leadership component with younger skiers. For either of the opportunities above, AST members will provide 2 half days of support to the Alberta Development Team Camp or CCA Early Snow Camp. AST travel and accommodation expenses will be paid for by CCA. AST Athletes will be free to pursue their own training during their free time at the camp.  CCA Sport Manager will be present.  If the earlier Community Service option has been selected, athletes may still have the opportunity to participate in the later camp if they wish.

    Fee: Nil

     Winter Trip 1: December 8-18, 2004                      
     Eastern NorAm    Quebec City, Que | Optional

    Dependent upon the final National race calendar, there is a possibility for an Eastern trip to the NorAm in December, 2004.  This trip will be dependant on whether there are alternate Western race opportunities relating to National Team selection criteria.

    Fee: $1500*

     National Championships/WJT: February 26-March 8, 2004   
      Prince George, BC | Mandatory

    A full AST of 12-15, will be sent and supported at this event.   Coaching, accommodation, meals and technical support will be supplied to all team members.  Club interaction with AST coaches and athletes will be encouraged, as will AST athlete interaction with their respective clubs.

    Fee: $1,000*

     *Fees shown are totals based on estimated budgets.  Final budgets will be completed and published prior to each activity.

     Fees associated with the Alberta Ski Team membership are as follows:

    Team Fee: $500.00 is due upon acceptance and payable by June 1st , 2004.  100% of the team fee will be applied to the cost of the winter trips or to team clothing.  Withdrawal or removal from the AST program forfeits 100% of the team fee..

     Clothing Fee: New AST athletes will be provided a loan of the AST ski suit for the year.  The suit may be purchased at the end of the year for $200 (approximately a 50% subsidy). Returning AST athletes may purchase additional clothing at cost.

     Activity Fees: Fees may be assessed for activities from time to time.  Athletes are responsible for their own spending money, and in most cases transportation costs.