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CCA Membership Information Area

2001-2002 Club Membership Fees
Basic Annual Club Fee = $55.00
Per Adult (age 20+) Fee = $8.00/each
Per Teen (age 13 - 19) Fee = $3.00/each
Per Child (age 12 & under) Fee = $2.00/each
CCA Mission, Principles, Values & Objectives.

CCA Bylaws

CCA Policy and Procedures Manual
Content that is active here has been recently approved by the Board of Cross Country Alberta. Sections that are inactive are undergoing development and will be added at a later date.

Association Insurance Manual

2000 CCA AGM Minutes

CCA Board Directory

Volunteer Recognition Awards

Membership Registration Procedures
Membership Database Access
This page is for designated club executive members to use for entering and updating their club's membership and club information.
Individual Registration Comparison
1999-2000 vs 2000-2001
Club Registration Comparison
1999-2000 vs 2000-2001