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Youth and Athlete Development

Download the 2015-16 Skill Development Program order form here:

CCA SDP order form 2015-2016


The objective on the Alberta (CCA) Athlete Development Model is to provide an outline of progressive development steps for club and provincial-level athletes. The model outlines the following items with suggested inclusion at various development levels or ages:

  1. Camps program – regional and provincial to supplement Club-based programs
  2. Regional and provincial-level competitions
  3. Training and coaching support
  4. Alberta Team program(s)


The model is meant to compliment the Cross-Country Canada athlete development model. The CCC Model outlines more specific training and teaching emphasis. It should be referred to as a key tool in development of any club athlete program.

The Alberta AD Model is designed to provide a guide to club coaches and clubs. It is meant to outline regional / provincial programs and events that will supplement club-based programs. It respects the critical role of Club and National programs and coaches in the ongoing support and development these athletes

Cross Country Canada’s Skill Development Program

CCA will attempt where necessary to support club development to provide for athletes. Download the CCA Athlete Development Model here:

View the CCA Athlete Development Model
View the CCA 2015-16 Athlete Development Program

Midget Championships

A provincial/territorial event designed to bring young skiers together for a weekend of cross-country ski competition and fun, encourage achievement through team effort and encourage good ski technique.

Divisions with a bona fide “provincial’ Midget Championships for elementary school age children will be provided with awards for each participant.
If your division has a Midget Championships on its competition calendar, encourage your club to send a team. If your division does not offer this event, perhaps your club would consider hosting it!

Other Helpful Resources

The latest news from Candian Sport for Life, a national movement promoting healthy growth and development through good sport, so people can enjoy a lifetime of physical activity and excel in sport:
The Pipeline: News for Canadian Sport for Life in Alberta

Developing Physical Literacy - A Guide for Parents of Children Ages 0 to 12. Sport Canada has produced a guidebook for the purpose of educating the public on the development of good physical literacy skills in children.

A Sport Parent’s Guide. Sport Canada has also produced a small booklet for the purpose of educating parents on LTAD and providing some guidance as to what they can do to improve the physical activity and sporting experiences of their children.

LTAD: Information for Parents (Coaching Association of Canada)

The Female Athlete Perspective. This publication is available from the CS4L website and can be downloaded as a pdf at no cost.

Actively Engaging Women & Girls: Addressing the Psycho-Social Factors (Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women & Sport & Physical Activity)

Competition is a Good Servant, but a Poor Master. This publication is available from the CS4L website and can be downloaded as a pdf at no cost.

No Accidental Champions 2nd Edition (CS4L)

The True Sport LTAD Matrix (True Sport & CS4L)

Recovery and Regeneration for Long Term Athlete Development. This publication is available from the CS4L website and can be downloaded as a pdf at no cost.

Special Report: CS4L for Athletes with a Disability (Dr. Colin Higgs & Dr. David Legg)


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