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Coaching Athletes With a Disability

A new coaching module to complement the NCCP coaching program.  The course focuses on coaching athletes with disabilities.  Coaches must have completed their Community Coaching module, coaching hours, and the Making Ethical Decisions module in order to participate. 


Introduction to Community Coach (ICC)

This workshop is the first of two in the new Community Coach program focusing on training and certification of coaches who work with children nine years of age an younger, but also applicable for coaches working with older skiers who are just beginning the sport.  This workshop provides a basic introduction to Community Coaching and covers the technique essentials for novice skiers, with and emphasis on the Bunnyrabbit age group.  This is considered the minimum standard of training necessary for Jackrabbit coaches.  ICC course listings:

Date Location Course Facilitator Contact  
Wednesday July 17, 2013    Canmore, AB    Roy Strum [email protected]  

To register, please contact the course facilitator.

 Community Coach (CC)

Community Coach course listings are below.  For more information on becoming a community coach, download the Community Coach Certification Process sheet:  Community Coach Certification Process.

To become certified as a Community Coach, you must complete the Making Ethical Decisions module online here, and complete and submit the  Community Coach Experience Form

Date Location Learning Facilitator Contact
July 24 & 31, 2013    Canmore, AB    Roy Strum [email protected]

 If your club members are interested in hosting a course, please contact the CCA office.

Competitive Coaching Introduction  (L2T)            

What do you have to do to get in the course:

Complete the ethics component of the Community Coaching Course. You need to have a CC number (an ID number) and an active account with the NCCP database. Full details on how to complete the Ethics model can be found here:
If you have not been assigned a CC number, please check the previous link on how to get your CC number.

Date Location Facilitator Contact
On Snow      
Date         Location Facilitator Contact

Competitive Coaching Introduction

Below are the NCCP Training to Train (T2T) workshops scheduled for this fall. If additional workshops are offered this list will be updated and redistributed. Please keep in mind that these workshops are still being piloted. 


Date Location Learning Facilitator Contact



National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)


The T2T program provides tools and develops skills that a coach can use to (1) teach athletes how to build an aerobic base, speed and strength and further develop and consolidate sport specific skills as appropriate for their developmental age, and (2) design and deliver an annual sport program that takes into consideration optimal trainability and the maturity/readiness (physical, mental, cognitive and emotional maturity) of individual athletes 11 to 16 years of age (the T2T stage of athlete development).


· The T2T (Dryland) Workshop (16 hrs) is the fifth step in the NCCP progression. Coaches are taught about growth and maturation, energy systems, training intensities, monitoring and recovery, strength, speed, flexibility, exercise performance and health, roller-skiing and other dryland ski simulation techniques, etc. Successful completion of the NCCP L2T (On-Snow) Workshop is a prerequisite.


· The T2T (On-Snow) Workshop (16 hrs) is the second half of the T2T program and the sixth step in the NCCP progression. It is designed to train coaches to develop an effective competition plan for a team, prepare for a competition, support athletes at a competition, teach basic mental skills, refine all ski techniques, test and prepare skis, and make ethical decisions. Successful completion of the NCCP T2T (Dryland) Workshop is a prerequisite.

Coaching Skiers with a Disability

The CAC has recently created a useful resource providing grassroots coaches who have never worked with athletes with a disability with basic information, guidelines and tips that will assist in creating conditions for effective participation and inclusion.


OCT 22-23
NOV. 5-6
NOV 26-27
DEC 3-4
DEC 17-18
JAN 7-8
MAR 23-24
MAR 30-31

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