“Sport brings us together as one”

Isobel Hendry, one of ten selected cross country skiing athletes, is currently in Gangwon, Korea enjoying the last few days of the Alberta Sport Connection XC Ski Exhange. We asked her how the experience was going so far and if she’d like to share it with us. This is what she said…

 “So far this trip to Korea has been the coolest experience of my life. The opportunity sport has given me has proven to be truly impacting. The one thing I have realized, is despite having such different cultures, speaking such different languages and living in such different places sport has really brought us together as one. While skiing with the Koreans it’s like you all understand each other, like we all speak the same language. Learning about the Korean culture and just attempting to interact with other Koreans has been been an experience of its own. 

Koreans are really outgoing, enthusiastic and extremely accommodating. Our hosts have been very pleased to share their country and values with us, allowing this to be a really eye-opening trip to the varying cultures in the world. I really look forward to these final few days in Korea and cherish what we have learned and gained from this experience so far.”

-Isobel Hendry

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