UPDATED: Tawatinaw Loppet now has a freestyle event

The Tawatinaw Loppet organizers have just made their loppet a skate-ski event. The race runs this Sunday, January 22.

The plan is to have a classic track but organizers are not guaranteeing that the classic track will be ideal in all parts of the trail. So participants are free to do either classic or skating.

The trails have been groomed and in quite good condition. Due to the
weather of this week organizers have decided to make some course changes and
change the race to a free technique event as the conditions for
skating are quite good but some spots may not be as good for classic

There will be a classic track set for those who prefer it but organizers
cannot guarantee that it will be optimal on all of the course.

The 25km course will now be 23.4km, the 12.5km course will be 13.32 and the
7.5km will now be 6.5km. The extra distance for the long course will be
a double lap of our upper loops, for those that are familiar with the Tawatinaw course
course. The course for the younger skiers stays the same at ~1.5km.

Registration closes Jan 20, 23:59 MT

For the complete race notice please Click Here

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