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Goodlife Kids Foundation

Does your organization provide opportunities for kids to benefit from an active life? Are you offering a sustainable physical activity program for kids ages 4 to 14 that will positively impact their present and future activity levels? 

GoodLife Kids Foundation is accepting requests for funding from registered charities and other qualified donees. We know that a greater impact can be made by partnering with other organizations with a similar focus.

2013 Grant Application Deadlines: August 30, 2013

Click here for more information and to apply

"Ski to School" Scholarship

This scholarship is to be awarded to an individual who combines excellence in both academics and cross country skiing. The scholarship has been funded by Canadian university alumni cross country skiers and other interested parties to encourage students to continue to combine excellence in both academics and cross country skiing as they proceed with their post secondary education. If no individual applies who meets the requirements as determined in the sole discretion of the selection committee, the scholarship will not be awarded. In such an event, a second scholarship may be awarded in a subsequent year.

Click this link for more information and to apply

Development Initiatives Program Grant Criteria Update:

The Alberta, Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation has recently made a number of changes to the Development Initiatives Program Grant. Please review the following:

  • Individual applicants will be eligible to receive a one-time grant to a maximum of $1500
  • Organizations may only apply for the same project once every five years
  • Conference support is for speakers only, not overall operating costs for conferences

The updated Development Initiatives Program application is now posted on the website with the next deadline being May 1, 2012

Cross Country Alberta - Leadership Grant

 Leadership Grant Program

CCC/Altagas Club Coaching Support Program

Is your club interested in a 30 000$ grant over three years to help hire a full time coach for the first time? The AltaGas Club Coaching Support Program (“ACCSP”) is a CCC initiative aimed at supporting Canada’s high performance clubs and coaches by optimizing High Performance coaches’ ongoing and practical education and training. Financial support will aim at improving the outlook for more full-time professional club coaching positions in Canada and consequently increase the number of Canadian clubs delivering year round, full-service programs. Click here for program guidelines and application form

InMotion - Take the Lead Grant

The Take the Lead Grant has been created to help Albertan girls and women become experienced leaders in the sport and recreation fields. Grant monies could be used for training, course fees, professional development, professional certification, clinics, equipment, travel, lodging, meals, and other training related activities. The Take the Lead Grant is not intended to support physical activity projects and recreational initiatives.

Will provide as many as 5 grants of up to $1,000 per individual and/or $3,000 per organization to girls and women working or volunteering in the sport or active living communities, recreation field or school system who are working towards increasing their leadership capacity. For more information and to apply, click here

Sports Travel Grant

Sports travel grants assist Edmontonians with the cost of travel to western Canadian, national or international sports championships in which they compete. Sports Travel Grant

Kidsport Elite Performance Grant

KidSport is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment for organized sport programs for kids aged 18 and under. Through a confidential application process we provide grants so they can play a season of sport. Since the launch of the KidSport program in 1995, local chapters across Alberta have distributed more than $6million to over 36,500 children and youth.  Kidsport Program Description  Kidsport Elite Performance Application

Cross Country Canada's Student Athlete Leadership Grant Program

Cross Country Canada is committed to helping university aged skiers enhance their involvement in their sport by providing financial assistance for coaching and officiating courses. With this type of training, former athletes will be well-positioned to join a local ski club and become a knowledgeable volunteer and leader. Those who are not currently active racers also have a vehicle to become more involved in the sport.

For more information and to download the application form, go to: Student Athlete Leadership Grant Program

Investors Group Community Coaching Conferences Grants

 Community Coaching Conferences are intended to both promote and supplement the National Coaching Certification Program. They offer an ideal opportunity for coach education, coach networking, and community involvement. CAC, through the sponsorship of Investors Group Inc., is pleased to provide financial assistance (from $600 to $1,200) to communities and organizations interested in hosting a Community Coaching Conference. For more information and to apply online, visit

Donation Fund

The ASRPWF has established the Donation Fund Program to assist recognized not-for-profit sport and recreation organizations, and athletes, in obtaining financial support. This program was established by the ASRPWF to help enlist donors to support sport and recreation development. For more information and to donate, visit the Foundation website here.

Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation Funding Programs

To enhance the quality of life in Alberta, the ASRPWF provides financial support to eligible sport and recreation organizations through the Canadian Sport for Life Project Grant, Coach and Official Initiatives, Development Initiatives Program, Event Support Program, Podium Alberta - Alberta High Performance Athlete Assistance Program, and Sport Participation Initiative Program. For more information and to apply, visit the Foundation website here.

Gaming Information for Charitable Groups (GAIN)


In November 2003, the GAIN program was launched to help volunteers gain a better understanding of the responsibilities and requirements of a gaming licence, and to better assist them to be more accountable to their members and the community at large. To date, thousands of volunteers have participated in the program.

  • The GAIN session provides an overview of policies about conducting a gaming event.
  • The Use of Proceeds session focuses on key information about spending gaming revenue earned from casinos, bingos, raffles, and pull tickets.
Visit the GAIN website here


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