Nomination of Board Directors May 22nd, 2014

The Cross Country Alberta Board Nominating Committee is assembling a slate of candidates to be considered for election to the Board of Directors of CCA. This election will take place in accordance with CCA's Bylaws, at the CCA Annual General Meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, May 31st, 2014.

Normally, approximately half of CCA’s ten (10) Board members are elected in alternate years.  In 2014, there are six (6) Directors positions open for election.

We urge all CCA members to get involved in the process. If you know of someone who is qualified and interested in one of these Board positions, please advise a member of the Nominating Committee before May 27, 2014. 

Candidates for any Board position may be nominated by any member of a CCA club. In-person nominations will be accepted at the May 31st, 2014 CCA AGM.

Cross Country Alberta Board Members to be elected for a Two Year Term 2014-2016:

Director of Events and Scheduling: I nominate _______________ for 2014-2016.

Director of Alberta Ski Team: I nominate _______________ for 2014-2016.

2012-2014 incumbent Jo Wolach has agreed to let her name stand for possible renomination.

Director of Membership, Communications and Marketing: I nominate _______________ for 2014-2016.

2013-2014 incumbent Lori Wakely has agreed to let her name stand for possible renomination.

Director of Human Resources: I nominate ________________ for 2014-2016

2012-2014 incumbent Jean Funk has agreed to let her name stand for possible renomination.

Treasurer: I nominate _______________ for 2014-2016.

2012-2014 incumbent Patrick Moore has agreed to let his name stand for possible renomination.

Director of Youth and Athlete Development: I nominate _______________ for 2014-2015. NOTE: due to a mid-term vacancy, this board position is to be elected for a One Year Term 2014-2015 to complete the second year of the 2013-2015 two year term.

***Director Positions Job Descriptions can be found on our CCA website at Home / About Us / Contacts:

Nomination and Election Process
To be eligible to stand for election, you must be 18 years or older, a resident of Canada and a CCA member.
Nominators are encouraged to submit nominations to a member(s) of the Nominating Committee. Please include the following with your nominations: a brief outline of background within the sport of cross country skiing; experiences and expertise organizing club events; leadership strengths to contribute to CCA; challenges and opportunities that are of special interest to the nominee.

Nominations must be received by May 27, 2014. Nominations will be posted on the CCA website on May 28, 2014. 

Candidates will be given the opportunity to make a presentation to the voting members at the CCA AGM either in person or through a representative.

Please feel free to contact a member of the Committee should you have any questions.

Nominating Committee:

Les Parsons:    [email protected]

Jo Malmstem:  [email protected]

Jean Funk:       [email protected]

Expectations of Directors

Board members are expected to contribute their enthusiasm, expertise and time to provide strategic oversight and direction to the management of CCA and the sport of cross-country skiing at the provincial level.  Ordinarily, a candidate should have some background in cross country skiing and have a basic understanding of the issues facing our sport. Such a background can include experience working at the club level within the sport. The candidate should be ready to contribute at least 5 hours per month, attend 2 weekend meetings per year, participate in approximately 10 conference calls per year and participate in an operational committee. Board members are also expected to become familiar with CCA’s existing strategic plans, operational plans and policies and read reports and other documents to prepare for meetings and to make a positive contribution to the decision making process. Candidates should believe in the mission and values of CCA; be committed to serving all regions of Alberta; effectively communicate information and ideas while working in a team environment; following professional conduct and ethics.Travel expenses are provided by CCA.

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