July Alberta Ski Team Camp Jul 17th, 2014

The Alberta Ski Team camp I recently attended was not only a remarkable training experience, but a positive and memorable social experience as well. From session one of the camp I felt a strong sense of support and comradery between the coaches and the athletes, which immediately made me feel very welcome and at home on the team. This supportive and buoyant social atmosphere on the team was complimented by the impeccable quality of the sessions put together by the coaches, which were as diverse as they were effective. Whether we were enjoying the thought-provoking counsel of a sports psychologist, or grinding out a rigorous zone 3 effort on the roller skis, we were always absorbing new knowledge and having a blast.

Although the camp was very strenuous and mentally demanding, there were also fun and games to be enjoyed throughout the week. Following a strength session at the lake on the third day of the camp, the coaches challenged us to clamber down the rocky path to the water and swim to the opposite shore as fast as possible, giving us the incentive of a “mystery prize” to be awarded to the victor. I managed to finish first and win a beautiful new ski toque, but walked away with a few bloody toes to remember the victory by!

While I came home from the camp tired and sore, I took home plenty of valuable lessons, experiences, and memories. In summary, the AST camp was a very physically, mentally, and emotionally profitable experience that has benefited me as both an athlete and a person.

-Tate MacDonald

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