Cross Country Alberta Direct Services Provided to Members

  • Governs and administer the Association
  • Interfaces with external partners (Alberta Sport Connection, Winsport)
  • Raises funds for Association functions and programs
  • Partially subsidizes and operates the Alberta Ski Team, including selection, coaching, training opportunities, and competitions
  • Provides liability insurance coverage for all programs, leadership, coaching, facilities, and trail preparation for Clubs and Members through Cross Country Canada. Click here for Insurance information and documentation
  • Provides a current insurance certificate. 
  • Develops and maintains the CCA Athlete Development Model
  • Program design and delivery/facilitation – camps, seminars, etc.
  • Develops leader training programs, and runs training courses for Coaches and Leaders
  • Promotes and coordinates the running of the Jackrabbit program for member clubs
  • Runs training courses for Officials
  • Coordinates the provincial race calendar
  • Event sanctioning
  • Coordinates the Alberta Cup Series
  • Provides internal communication (CCA Web Site, Nordic News, weekly e-mails)

2018-2019 Insurance Certificate

CCC Insurance Manual (revised June 2017)

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