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The Skill Development Program (SDP) is comprised of three levels or stages, Bunnyrabbit, Jackrabbit and Track Attack. The overall objective of the program is to assist children in the development of a love of the outdoors, a healthy lifestyle, excellent technical skills and a good level of physical fitness within a sport environment. The programs are:

The Bunnyrabbit Program (five and under) is directed at children in the ‘Active Start’ stage of development.

The Jackrabbit Program (six-nine years) is directed at children in the ‘FUNdamentals’ stage of development.

The Track Attack Program (ten -12 years) is directed at children in the ‘Learning to Train’ stage of development.

                                                                                GETTING STARTED

Do you want to get involved with organizing a Skill Development Program (SDP) for your club? The Skill Development Programmers guidebook has all the information that you need to develop a program for your club. Get involved TODAY!

SDP Programmers Guide Book:Click Here

More Resource on Ski Playgrounds: Click Here to see the CCC Ski Playground video please Click Here

                                                                       COMPLEMENTARY PROGRAMS

Skill Development Camps
 are an integral part of a progressive club athlete development system. Camps can help children learn ski related technical skills, teamwork, self reliance and good eating habits. They can facilitate the recruitment of new participants, motivate, promote friendships, influence lifestyle choices and provide a positive introduction to activities that encourage physical fitness.

Racing Rocks! is a Skill Development program dedicated to introducing children to the fun aspects of competition. A Ski Tournament, Team Sprint or Nordic Ski Cross is a one-day extravaganza of special activities. The objective of the event is to encourage participation, teamwork and technique. 

Ski-at-School Programs by AltaGas and CCC : There are a number of ways in which children can be introduced to cross-country skiing through their school. 

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Camps program – regional and provincial to supplement Club-based programs. The objective on the Alberta (CCA) Athlete Development Model is to provide an outline of progressive development steps for club and provincial-level athletes. The model outlines the following items with suggested inclusion at various development levels or ages:

  1. Regional and provincial-level competitions
  2. Training and coaching support
  3. Alberta Team program(s)

The model is meant to compliment the Cross-Country Canada athlete development model. The CCC Model outlines more specific training and teaching emphasis. It should be referred to as a key tool in development of any club athlete program.

The Alberta AD Model is designed to provide a guide to club coaches and clubs. It is meant to outline regional / provincial programs and events that will supplement club-based programs. It respects the critical role of Club and National programs and coaches in the ongoing support and development these athletes

CCA will attempt where necessary to support club development to provide for athletes. Download the CCA Athlete Development Model here:

View the CCA Athlete Development Model

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