Science + Triathlon Conference

The World Triathlon Series will be hosting the 4th biennial ITU Science + Triathlon Conference for the first time in North American and it will be in Edmonton, Alberta Dec 5- 8, 
Our Conference is bringing forward the latest science in endurance sport and packaging it into an accessible, easy to understand, hands-on way way to coaches, as well as health practitioners, academics, researchers and hard core Elite or Age Group athletes.

Our impressive list of speakers  will cover a wide range of topics from:
- How to spot the difference between real science and pseudoscience and how to apply it
- Why do some Olympic level athletes continually medal while others don’t? 
- How do you spot and develop talent responsibly
- How to use motivation to improve an athlete’s performance
- How to deal with overzealous parents? Enhancing parent / coach interactions 
- Is altitude training always a good thing? Find out why or why not!
- How to train and compete in the heat and/or polluted environment
- Overtraining - how much is too much?

1. Is that message in your inbox or on twitter feed real evidence or not? Come hear Alex Hutchinson and Dr. Pierre Nicolas Lemyre talk about finding the golden nuggets in a wasteland of pseudoscience.

2. Did you know that many young triathletes that are great at 14 never make it pro? Let’s have an honest conversation about determinants of performance from world leading experts in talent ID. Dr. Jean Côté

3. Do you have an athlete that struggles to find a healthy balance in life and triathlon? Dr. Carl Foster will deliver the cutting-edge evidence on “healthy triathletes are better performers”.

4. Are the environments you train in healthy and beneficial to your athlete’s health and performance? Find out how water, air and altitude make a difference.

5. Dr. RossTucker, World Renowned South African Sports Scientist and talent ID guru. 

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